Hello I’m Janet, a marketing professional based in London.

I write about brands and products with the aim of helping and inspiring other marketers, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in business and culture.

I’ve previously worked in publishing, FinTech, travel retail, online learning and at a membership organisation. My experience spans market research, developing strategies and managing integrated campaigns.

I started writing to help clarify my thinking – get better at marketing. In the process of looking at case studies and sharing my findings; I hope my articles can help you in some way with your career and business.

Long form articles

My main articles, ‘brand snapshots’ focus on one brand at a time. Looking at its core elements – stories, founders, values, plus the highs and lows. Seeing what successful strategies and tactics (and failures) we can learn from.

The brands I’m choosing to report on are ones I personally use. Ranging from startups to multinationals, habit-forming products, purpose-driven sustainable businesses, in different sectors and industries. I try to be as objective as possible.

Influenced by anthropology

My analysis of brands is influenced by my experience of working in operational and strategic marketing roles. Plus my interest in cultural anthropology, looking at how the brands integrate into our lives and society as a whole.

And reading brand documentary publication Magazine <B> inspired me too – it’s an ad-less magazine that reports on one well-balanced brands per issue.

Short form posts

As well as brand profiles I write about places (travel guides) and specific products.

Virtual personal assistant from Los Angeles supports companies with administrative tasks and handling of office organizational issues.